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Mind and Body: Thoughts from a meat-head.

If people are the heart of a nation, than the politicians that run it is its brain

Just like the heart, the brain needs to be worked and kept healthy for survival,

but the brain is different than the heart. Heart does the work the brain should tell it to do. The more disconnected and unhealthy the brain becomes, the less active and disconnected the heart becomes. 

The anterior cingulate cortex grows when we accomplish something we told ourselves we didn't want to do. And right now, our “brain” hasn't done anything difficult in a long time. It grows smaller and smaller by the day and it's effects are apparent. 

A defense mechanism of the brain is to eliminate rather than to fix. If corrections are properly managed, (think not in a world of absolutes, but rather outcome probabilities because no certainties exist in a world which has chaos) will work itself out to a state of equilibrium between mind and body.

We rely on this brain to help make decisions, weather we accept it or not, to work together with those that we have no clue we are working with. 

I ask myself this question; Do other parts of the body speak to other parts of the body? If my body is imbalanced, it will naturally compensate to a function that still allows it to survive. But even though you may become stronger, the underlying cause was never addressed, or addressed unclear, and the body begins to suffer. Things begin to wear down in other places. The chain begins to sever. 

Weaker and Weaker the body will grow, all because the brain tells you it's alright. It all starting because of a broken toe and your brain continuing to tell itself that nothing is wrong and continue to blame future functional failures on bigger and more major issues rather than fighting a fantasy RPG boss named “ego”. 

Ego is not a have or have not. Ego is more like hunger. Comes and go's. 

What you feed it, when you feed it, and why your feeding it creates the beast which exist in everyone. 

When one doesn't fully acknowledge the presence of their ego when it arises or feels a need for attention, a distrust is formed between you and the beast. You are not bigger than the ego. 

To little feeding, your beast becomes weak and unable to survive with other beast out there. To much, the beast becomes fat and out of shape which displays power of just being an obese person. A mind of drug addict just consuming to consume with no thought of “why”. This is until it becomes a habit and therefore begins to become underappreciated becoming a burden rather than a privilege.

It is a crazy thought that for the world to exist to any organism on the planet, it must continually have the world collapse into itself just so the organism can further their understanding of the outside world. At no point should anyone be happy knowing this. Moments of happiness, but mostly implosion.

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